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Jinzhou Medical University

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Jinzhou Medical University

Jinzhou is a university located in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province, north-eastern China. Founded in 1946 the school developed in to Jinzhou Medical College in 1958 and Liaoning Medical University in 2006. JZMU took its current name in 2016. The university has cultivated numerous outstanding medical talents. Presently there are more than 400 international students studying a wide range of medical programs at the University.
Six kinds of education are offered in JZMU: general high education, state-owned privately run education, adult education, vocational education, online education and international students` education. The university enrolls undergraduate, graduate and master as well as postgraduate students. There are 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice.
The university’s curriculum comprises 21 specialized undergraduate subjects, 32 master’s degree programs and 1 doctor degree program. Among the faculty members there are 823 full-time teachers, 74 of whom have been granted a doctoral degree, 533 associate professors and 219 professors and chief doctors. The university’s library has an advanced electronic reading room and has access to the retrieval system for medical documents from the American MEDLINE and the Chinese Medical Institute.


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0.098 Chinese Yuan - 1 Rupee


Renminbi (¥)


2,500-3,500 Yuan a month


The Indian students need not at all worry about Indian food since Indian food facility is readily available bot n campus as well as off campus.


Jinzhou Airport provides air transport to major airports in China. There are two railway stations in the city, one designated for long trips.


Jinzhou has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature ranges from −7.9 °C in January to 24.3 °C in July.

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