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Wenzhou Medical University

  /  Wenzhou Medical University

Higher Education in China

Wenzhou Medical University

A key university in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is an institution of higher learning under the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Government. Established on 1983. Wenzhou is located at the extreme south east of Zhejiang Province. It is surrounded by mountains and the East China Sea.
WMU is composed of three campuses, located respectively at Chashan (Main campus), Xueyuan Road, Dongtou District (Binhai Campus)
Wenzhou Medical College (WMC) runs the International Medical School program.
The International Medical School is administratively based at the Chashan campus, located in the University Town.
Three hospitals, all located in the Wenzhou city, are principally tasked with supplying the practical portions of the students’ medical/dental experience.
Wenzhou is the only city in China designed by the founder of Fengshui philosophical system Guo Pu.
The earliest form of traditional Chinese Opera was produced in Wenzhou.


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What Is Offered

Program and Duration

MBBS in English (6 Years)
BDS in English (6 Years)
B Pharmacy ( 4 Years )
Medicine ( 3 Years )
Radiology ( 3 Years )
Orthopaedics ( 3 Years )
TCM ( 3 Years )
Pathology ( 3 Years )
Cardiology ( 3 Years )
Plastic Surgery ( 3 Years )
General Surgery ( 3 Years )

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About Wenzhou Medical


0.098 Chinese Yuan - 1 Rupee


Renminbi (¥)


300 to 500 USD per month


The Indian students need not at all worry about Indian food since Indian food facility is readily available bot n campus as well as off campus.


The college provides hostel to the international students. Two persons share a room with air conditioner, attached bathroom, color TV etc.


Wenzhou has a humid subtropical climate with short winters and long, hot, humid summers. The average temperature ranges from 8.0 °C.

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