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Xiamen University (XMU)

  /  Xiamen University (XMU)

Higher Education in China

Xiamen University (XMU)

The public university in Xiamen. It is now a top 50 university recognized as one of elite Chinese universities. Xiamen University has maintained a global presence since its creation, attracting students from overseas.
Xiang’an Campus, located 34 kilometers from the main campus hosts the Overseas Education College, the Medical College, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the School of Life Sciences, the School of Public Health, the Nursing Department and other.
Xiamen is a city in southeastern Fujian province, beside the Taiwan Strait. The Kinmen Islands lie less than 6 kilometers away. The city is known for its mild climate, Gulangyu Island and relatively low pollution. Xiamen was ranked China’s second-“most suitable city for living”.
Xiamen’s Botanical Garden is a nature lover’s paradise. The Buddhist Nanputuo Temple is a national treasure. Water Garden Expo Park has a total area of about 6.76 km2 consisting of five exhibition park islands, four ecological landscapes islands and two peninsulas, including the main pavilion.
The Gaoji Causeway, five main road bridges, and two undersea tunnels link Xiamen Island with the mainland.
The Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport in northeastern Xiamen Island is a main air hub in East China with flights to over 90 domestic and international destinations.


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